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Seeing the benefits of the new way of marketing.

Being the youngest member of SmileVision I have grown up with a lot more technology. Unlike my boss, who grew up with 1 TV channel, I grew up lucky enough to have access to hundreds of different channels and eventually different streaming services on different devices. With access to computers, mobile, texts and social media, I was exposed to lots of different brands, products and environments. However, only the big brands and popular products showed on social media or on TV and got the opportunity to reach thousands of people.

There was a brief break in the very late 90’s until the late 2000’s where streaming platforms and tablets began to show up and enter the world. The launches include:

  • Instagram was first released in 2010
  • Sky was founded in 1990
  • Netflix was founded in 1997
  • BBC iPlayer was launched in 2007
  • ITV Hub was launched in 2008
  • The Kindle e-reader was released in 2007
  • The first iPad was released in 2010

Yet everything is still developing and evolving.

There are now almost 500 TV channels to choose from varying from sports, films, children’s shows and many different dramas. They are constantly changing and updating to allow for new channels, new shows and films. The number of channels now means that the number of advertising posts and messages has increased enormously. However, not only the sizeable companies use these platforms, smaller companies also use social media to advertise what services or products they offer.

Dental practices are the perfect example. Many dentists now use Instagram to build an online portfolio to showcase the work they have done and what they can offer future patients. I know that when I scroll through SmileVisions Instagram I can find many different brands and products ranging from companies like Nike all the way to down to little local shops that may be picked up based of your location. Dental practices are now using the platforms they can gain from social media to advertise all the treatments they offer and how their smile can look after these.

Due to smart technology on social media platforms, posts will appear on someone’s page based on their likes, location, and friend’s interactions. With this smart technology on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter companies no longer need a huge budget to achieve the marketing goals they may have. These new media platforms have allowed marketing teams to completely change their marketing plans and strategies. It will still take planning, time and adjustments depending on results, but it gives you an alternative plan rather than using google ads, Facebook ads or paying for a slot on TV or radio.

It will take adjustments from the entire team, however the results could be amazing for you once you embrace the change in marketing.

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