Digitalising your patient information to boost profitability, go green and reduce risk

Increase cosmetic treatment bookings and product purchases

Why communicate with your patients about oral health advice, and all the treatments you can offer them, direct to their phone, tablet or computer? Because that’s the way people now get their information, store it and act on it.

Antiquated paper-based leaflets, fact sheets, flyers and letters, are generally being ignored, lost or discarded. Digital transformation is unavoidable – so why delay?

Added benefits of going digital

Printing is expensive and bad for the planet (and your patients won’t thank you for it). Going digital can boost efficiency and productivity, saving time and making everyone’s life easier.

Sending pre and post-appointment information will result in patients being better prepared and informed. That means less time spent on verbal explanations and that your phone lines are freed up for new treatment bookings!

Reduce the risk of being sued or having a failed CQC inspection

Digitised patient communications also provide an audit trail to demonstrate your patients have received excellent levels of care. This helps to ensure that you are complying with CQC requirements and provides proof they have been informed before, during or after a course of treatment.

Save time and money with Smile Vision

Be kind to your planet

The development of this service is driven by our commitment to reducing harmful impacts on our environment. It reduces the number of trees that are cut down while eliminating the carbon emissions from the production and distribution of paper. What’s more, it eliminates waste when marketing materials need to be changed – there’s no physical waste going to landfill and no need for more paper and reprints.

Increase profits at your dental practice

We take care of the tech

It couldn't be quicker and easier to follow up on enquiries. We provide access to your own personalised cloud-based app and little technical knowledge is required. So you and your staff can concentrate on providing excellent patient care.

Reduce risk at your dental practice

We make it easy for you to communicate digitally

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive library of device-responsive content covering oral health advice, and every aspect of the treatments and products you are likely to offer. You can easily personalise each item to your practice by adding your logo, as well as changing colours and fonts. The content can then be sent direct to patients by email and messaging services (such as WhatsApp) by any of your practice team.

Also included is a library of videos that can be uploaded to your social media and/or posted on your website.

Better communication your with dental patients

Engagement, engagement, engagement

Delivering your information in a format that’s responsive to the device being used by your patient, and therefore easy to read, is essential. People’s lives are now so full-on that they can only cope with the information-overload by screening most messages out. Getting their attention, arousing their interest, turning that into desire and finally getting them to act is increasingly tough!

As well as being a bit geeky we have an unhealthy obsession with studying how to get engagement with people, maintain it long enough for them to understand the benefits and then get them to act on it. We’ve spent years studying the psychology, and experimenting with different approaches, to get the best possible results for our clients.

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Join up your entire patient journey for maximum profitability.

Combining our digital communications service with our waiting room TV service not only generates the maximum number of enquiries – it also ensures that more of them turn into bookings and revenue.