Content mix is key for Waiting Room TV

SmileVision has been providing dental practices with a TV waiting room service for over 15 years. Over this time the service has evolved, not only for the dental treatments that have changed over the years but also to keep the patients engaged with what is displaying on the screens. 

SmileVision not only provides an extensive library of treatment promotion and educational videos to feature on your TV, but also provides daily updated content up to keep patients engaged. In between the videos that you choose to have on the service we have a news, sport and entertainment selection of videos tailored for the waiting room audience. This option is up to the practice however, we do suggest that you don’t have purely dental content. It was found that having purely dental content was around 72% less engaging for patients, they stopped paying attention to what was playing on the screen and just sat in the waiting room waiting for their appointment. When practices had a break between the dental content, it has proved effect and boosted product and treatment enquiries by 43%.

With over 190 videos to choose from, access to media isn’t going to be a problem. However, finding the perfect mix between treatment and educational videos is vital. It’s going to be a trial-and-error process for the practice to find the perfect balance for you. It is great to have educational videos on the service, however too many is disengaging for the patient and not beneficial for the practice. Adding in treatment videos that you offer in practice is going to allow for you to boost enquires and sales but also engage with the patient. Our 30-second short snappy videos only have bits of information about treatments, this allows patients to retain smalls bits of information leading to them have questions to ask.

We found that one of the best ways to keep your patients engaged with the content displaying on the screen is by adding your own content. For example, you can add in example images into some of the end of the videos. If you offer teeth whitening in your practice and have the teeth whitening video active from our video library, you can use our template to add in before and after images in to provide patients with visual aid. You can also add in testimonials, photos of your team, emergency information and practice news as well for patient’s to read while sat in the waiting room.

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