Your perfect silent sales partner

Over the last 15 years the development of technology has not only revolutionised dentistry – it has also changed the way dentist promote and sell treatments. These advances have enabled SmileVision to provide over 1500 dental practices across the UK and Ireland with the perfect silent sales partner to boost the promotion of very profitable cosmetic treatments.

As every patient coming to the practice requires treatment are you missing out on the opportunity to promote additional services they may not be aware that you offer?  If the screen in your waiting room is only showing daytime TV you are squandering these opportunities – and missing out on the revenue that could be generated.  What’s more, it’s an overhead your practice could do without – how much are you paying for TV, MPLC, PRS and PPL licenses?

We can save you this money whilst also turning that screen into the perfect silent sales partner, one that constantly promotes your most profitable cosmetic treatments.

SmileVision has an extensive variety of different videos for you to offer, from cosmetic treatments and educational tutorials to plans and finance options. Many of these videos can be personalised to your practice too. You can add in your own “before and after” images to help patients see the difference a treatment makes and you can also add customised promotions and offers. All this turns your TV into a silent sales partner that creates a regular stream of treatment enquiries and bookings.

SmileVision also provides you with the online digital marketing tools to follow up all the treatment enquiries you get. The emailable videos and leaflets not only cut out printing costs, but they are also better for the environment (no more chopping down trees or using trucks for mail delivery). With SmileVision also being a cloud enabled service you can access our library of videos and our suite of digital tools from anywhere too and each member of your team can have a login too.

The content on the TV is key to the effectiveness of this silent sales partner. Research has led us to recommend a unique mix of content for the TV channel. It is updated daily by our news, sports and entertainment feeds.  This ensures the content is fresh and current – which in turn ensures your patients will find it engaging.   This increases the chances of the patients actively paying attention to the videos promoting your high value cosmetic treatments.

The results can be immediate – you’ll almost certainly see a swift increase in enquiries and bookings for cosmetic treatments being booked.  SmileVision therefore offers the perfect way to increase your revenue and profitability without you and your staff having to do the selling!

To find out more contact one of the SmileVision team on or 0207 993 3888.

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