Location, location, location. Tips on where to place your waiting room TV

We’ve spent 15 years delivering content on more than 2,500 TV screens in dental and veterinary waiting rooms across the UK and Ireland – and in the process we’ve learnt a few valuable lessons that can dramatically improve practice profitability. 

All those patients and customers in your waiting room are perfect prospects for many of the other treatments and products you provide – if only they knew about them!   Having a captive audience like this is an opportunity every business would die for…so why not capitalize on it?  Numerous research studies suggest that around 91% of patients will watch a waiting room TV screen (provided the content is engaging) while less than 6% will notice posters or read leaflets.  So, screens in these locations are great for maximising enquiries and revenue from existing customers.

What’s the best place for the screen?   Where it can be seen by the largest number of customers or clients.  It may even be worth having two or more screens, depending on the size and layout of your waiting room.   Your staff may encourage you to put it within their view.  We would discourage you from doing this as our channel is very engaging and your team may be distracted from their work!

You can also position a screen or screens in your window or facing the street as digital signage to attract new patients or customers.   If the window is south facing or gets direct sunlight you should consider buying a hi-bright commercial panel (rather than using a domestic TV). Not only will this ensure your viewers can see the content when the sun is shining, the screens are also designed to operate at much higher temperatures than domestic TVs.  If you want to explore this digital signage option we suggest you consult the local planning authority – if the window is visible from a public highway you may need to obtain their approval. For more information visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/outdoor-advertisements-and-signs-a-guide-for-advertisers

For more insights on the best way to use waiting room TV and digital media to communicate with your customers call our SmileVision team on 0207 99 33 888 or email us on tv@smilevision.co.uk

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