Paperless Communications

more engaging, profitable and green.


Outside Practice

Boost engagement, profit and sustainability with our comprehensive digital communications package.


Inside Practice

Increase revenue and bookings with our personalised waiting room TV channel.

Are you still using leaflets, letters and posters to inform your patients about different products and services, provide post-treatment advice, advertise special offers or for reminders and updates? Then you are way behind the times – almost every other industry has gone digital, along with most dental practices.

Want to save money, time and the planet?

Providing pre-appointment and aftercare information digitally makes life easier for everyone – there’s less explaining for you and your staff and patients are better informed. Printing is expensive and your environmentally aware patients will disapprove.

Save time and money with Smile Vision

Want to increase your profits?

Properly designed digital communications, including digital leaflets and videos, will hugely improve your income and profitability – they do a much better job of promoting your full offering, including high-value treatments and products. You can send them direct to your patients and also post them on your social media feeds. A waiting room TV, showing an engaging mix of entertainment and promotional content, is also an excellent way to generate more bookings.

Increase profits at your dental practice

Want to reduce the risk of being sued?

Digital communications provide an audit trail that demonstrates your level of patient care is excellent and that you have fully complied with CQC requirements.

Reduce risk at your dental practice

Want to make it easy to communicate with your patients?

Your patients now get their information, and organise their lives, through a screen. If you don’t communicate through their channel of choice then they simply won’t engage – leaflets and posters no longer work. And don’t kid yourself that scanning a paper leaflet or document, then sending a pdf, is good enough. It’ll be hard to read on most devices – so patients probably won’t!

Better communication your with dental patients

Unlock your practice’s potential

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