Reviews from our customers

“Waiting room television makes a big difference to my business; I can reach patients when they have time to take on information, in the right place to act on it. I know where uptake in treatments and products have come from by listening to my patients.”
Principal Dentist, Clifton, Bristol

“As a busy PM, I know that my media service sorts itself out; it’s fully managed, up to date and supported. It even powers on and off automatically, set to any times I choose.”
Practice Manager, Swanage

“Dentistry is such a personal, precision profession and we see how our patients respond to the understanding they gain from our screen. They readily use digital information as a basis and encouragement to ask about treatments, such as white fillings and crowns. It’s great that our patients can be comfortable in this way and really adds to what I can offer.”
– Principal Dentist, Cardiff

“Our patients say our waiting room TV is very informative and a really helpful way to find out about what they could have done. This can be especially good for nervous patients, to see what treatments are like, how they happen and the differences they make (eg white fillings) and has increased the take up of treatments including crowns.” – Principal Dentist, Bath.

“We have recently refurbished and our patients have definitely noticed the new digital screen. They have said the education content is interesting and helpful and the film clips are entertaining.” – Practice Manager, London.

“We had an immediate increase in requests about treatment; including two enquiries about whitening treatment the day after our waiting room television was turned on.” – Practice Manager, Warwick.

“The service is excellent and is very low maintenance day-to-day from our point of view. Our waiting room television prompts patient enquiries which result in uptake; we have noticed an increase in treatments of white fillings, crowns and whitening treatments and requests about implant treatment.” – Principal Dentist, Chester.

“We would definitely recommend this digital media service to other independent practices with a business to build. It’s effortless, ongoing and part of our practice.” – Practice Manager, Bristol.

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